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Being born in the UK in the 70s exposed me to some incredible European cars throughout my formative years. To this day I hold dear my experiences driving many cars from the 80s and 90s and often finds myself comparing todays cars to my somewhat nostalgic past.

I was introduced to petrol at an early age thanks to a Honda z50r. This started my passion of all things gasoline (and diesel) powered. I spent many weekends sharing my fathers interest in bikes and cars visiting shows, garages and the occasional bike race. I borrowed my Dad’s car magazines and saved up pocket money to buy bike and truck magazines.

A key development in my interest came from our old neighbor who worked for VW/Audi group. One day he encouraged my Dad to to take his loaner Audi Quattro for a drive. Dad was kind enough to pick my brother and I up from school in this car and it left me speechless. I’d never experienced such raw acceleration and it had a ‘digital speedo’ which left an impression on my brother and I!

As soon as I was old enough it was my mission in life to get my drivers licence.

A few years later some friends in college encouraged me to start writing about cars as well as talking about them and this led to renting some truly awful models and begging to borrow more exotic ones from local dealers.

As soon as I was clear of education and working it was my mission to get a hot hatchback and I was lucky to get to experience many of what I consider to be the best of this category.

Emigrating to the United States only enhanced my appreciation of earlier experiences, namely due to a truly miserable time with a Camaro SS.

My opinions have stuck with me over the years and have recently I decided to start collecting these in one place – 8mpg.com

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